Our History

Indorama Kokand Fertilizers and Chemicals are set to increase current production of Single Super Phosphate from less than 100,000 MT to 350,000 MT annually. Ammonized Single Super Phosphate (ASSP) and range of crop specific Water Soluble fertilizers for use in protected cultivation, are to be launched in the market by beginning of 2021. As part of its strategic growth plan, It is proposed to expand manufacturing facility further for production of customized NPK fertilizers in the same premises. This production site intends to continue adding value added fertilizer products.

Indorama Kokand Fertilizers and Chemicals JSC proposes to market its various fertilizer products under its registered umbrella brand 'Oltin', which is set for roll out in October 2020 in Uzbekistan and nearby countries. "Oltin" promises unique specifications, guaranteed quality, weight, consistent supply and customer support. "Oltin", which means gold in Uzbek language intends to set a benchmark for gold standard for fertilizer products in the country.



Turn around and modernization program is under full swing.


On 26t June, Indorama Kokand Fertilizers & Chemicals JSC acquired the facility as part of disinvestment program of Government of Uzbekistan. Please add 4 photos.


Supplies of Washed Rock Phosphate containing 26-27% P2O5 from Navoiy factory to produce best quality fertilizers. ASSP with 18% P2O5 is produced since then. ISO 9001 accreditation is received for Quality Management System. Please add one photo.


Proposal to set up manufacturing facility for Calcium Nitrate with designed capacity of 500 MT/ Annum approved. Production of Phosphorus & Potash mixed fertilizers started with capacity of 50,000 MT/Annum. Add one photo.


Gaseous Oxygen plant commissioned with designed production capacity of 2,400,000 Cubic Meter per annum.


Water Dispersion Paint manufacturing unit commissioned on occasion of 20th Anniversary of Republic of Uzbekistan. Designed production capacity 1000 MT/ Annum.


Certificate of Accreditation awarded to JSC Superphosphate Plant first time for Technical Competence, to any enterprise in Fergana region. More than 10 product & services such as ASSP, SSP, Gaseous Oxygen, Ammonia, Sulfuric acid, Mechanical workshop, Foundry, Railway workshop etc. produced in plant. Supply of washed Rock Phosphate called "Tashkura" is established with 18 -19% P2O5.


Modernization of Technology to improve quality of granulated ASSP is attempted.


Commenced production of Manholes, spare parts of Agricultural Vehicles and Vises.


Commenced production of Wooden products like Tables, Chairs and Window frames.


Reconstruction project for Ammonization unit and Granulation unit is approved. Designed capacity of 250,000 MT/Annum of Ammonized Superphosphate planned to be commissioned by 2010.


Commenced production of Ammoniated SSP.


Successfully processed ordinary rock phosphate containing 24.5% P2O5 for the first time.


Plant has celebrated 50th Anniversary. Please add attached photo.


New Sulphuric Acid plant was inaugurated. Please add attached photo.


New Ammoniated Super Phosphate plant commissioned production.


Construction of New Ammoniated Super Phosphate plant with designed capacity of 45,500 MT/Annum P2O5 is started.


New Super Phosphate plant commissioned its production.


Sulfuric acid plant was is renovated.


Trial production of Ammoniated Single Super Phosphate accomplished successfully.


Construction of new Super Phosphate plant began with designed capacity of 42,000/MT/Annum P2O5.


Sulfuric acid plant commissioned its production.


Super Phosphate Plant commissioned production


Commenced production of explosive Dynamite "J" in the Wartime.


Fertilizer mixture factory established as JSC Kukon Superphosphate Plant to produce Organic mineral fertilizer mixture.